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Medical Affiliate (ROLE7-2022)

This is a required training for all Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Medical Affiliates. This course includes a final assessment and evaluation that will help you assess your knowledge and is the final requirement to becoming an active Medical Affiliate and receiving contact hours.

Note: This course is NOT for volunteers. If any volunteer is in the medical field and wishes to become a Medical Affiliate as well as volunteer, please contact medical@nilmdts.org as adding this course will disrupt your volunteer account.
  • Required-Please Complete First
  • Medical Affiliate Services Agreement
  • Instructions
  • Course Content
  • Introduction and Research (6:30 min)
  • Communicating with Families (20:05 min)
  • Photography Basics (14:18 min)
  • Camera and Posing Basics (9:42 min)
  • Lighting Overview (7:27 min)
  • Using Available Light Sources (14:07 min)
  • Use of Directional Light (2:24 min)
  • Posing (11:30 min)
  • Setting Up A Room (3:47 min)
  • Supported Posing Setup (6:04 min)
  • Photographing Support Items (5:52 min)
  • Implied Baby Session (7:23 min)
  • NICU Photography (4:56 min)
  • Water Immersion Photography (5:35 min)
  • Tips and Tricks (5:21 min)
  • NILMDTS Policies and Procedures (18:02 min)
  • Assignment
  • Final Assessment
  • Completion
  • Database and Session Uploading
  • Database Overview (3:25 min)
  • Uploading Photos (7:07 min)
  • Forms and Documents
  • Parent Consent Form (6:07 min)
  • Hospital Release Forms
  • Medical Affiliate Quick Guide
  • Parent Handout for Retouching Services
  • Session Status Icons
  • Posing Guide for Hospitals
  • Medical Affiliate Badge Printable
  • Optional Resources
  • Before and After Editing Examples
  • Position Paper on Cooling a Baby's Body After Perinatal Death
  • Descriptions of Medical Anomalies
  • Gestational Guideline
  • Chaplain Service for Volunteers
  • Discounts for Volunteers
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Medical Affiliate Services Agreement, Instructions, Introduction and Research (6:30 min), Communicating with Families (20:05 min), Photography Basics (14:18 min), Camera and Posing Basics (9:42 min), Lighting Overview (7:27 min), Using Available Light Sources (14:07 min), Use of Directional Light (2:24 min), Posing (11:30 min), Setting Up A Room (3:47 min), Supported Posing Setup (6:04 min), Photographing Support Items (5:52 min), Implied Baby Session (7:23 min), Tips and Tricks (5:21 min), Assignment, Final Assessment"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years